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Creating a Code of Conduct for the Data and AI Team

The company has been developing its capabilities in AI and integrating it in its services. The need for a Code of Conduct (CoC) guiding its teams and clients in the adoption of AI soon emerged.


A CoC is the first for a company that cares about the quality and ethics of its solutions. Its effective communication and discussion are the foundations for an proactive company culture.
Our client needed to verify that this CoC was in line with the regulatory developments of AI, data protection and liability provisions. After the issuance of the CoC our client needed training of all involved employees on the legal and ethical aspects connected to AI projects and how to communicate with their stakeholders.

We effectively collaborated with different internal subject matter experts to create a CoC that reflects the company’s needs and is directly useful for all stakeholders.

We further provide regular training to the team members and act as sparring partner for regulatory and ethical questions.

Contract Management

The rapid evolution of the group required a transformation of its approach to contract management.

Legal semantic search

Developing a chatbot like search tool that allows to easily access large amounts of information accumulated.

Contract drafting and negotiation

Contract drafting and negotiation