Our portfolio of services

Boost your market impact with our services

Meeting consumer needs, differentiation, innovation and effective marketing is key to ensure a strong presence in the market. AI is shaping how these impact factors are pursued. AI LSC’s extensive knowledge and expertise in AI enables your company to develop its market position by leveraging this technology.

AI Regulations & Standards

Balancing compliance, ethics and innovation is the key challenge

We help you navigate the regulatory complexity of your industry and achieve regulatory compliance with services that suit your company
Ai regulations
Consulting on adherence
Intellectual Property
Ethics Integration
Data management
Consulting for compliance

Data Protection & Compliance Services

Data fuels AI, but compliance with regulations is indispensable

Manage efficiently your data in line with applicable data protection and privacy requirements and discover solutions that allow you to leverage your data assets
Data protection regulations
Compliance support
Data anonymisation
Data protection

Governance & Strategy Consulting

Effective strategy and governance are essential for trustworthy AI

Define your AI strategy to confidently achieve your business objectives and adopt governance solutions that maximize the value potential of your organization
Data and AI strategy development
Internal governance optimisation
Governance solutions
Security and Cybersecurity

AI Development & Implementation

Trustworthy AI is more than technology

Give from the outset the best chance of success to your AI project by leveraging the guidance of AI experts and drawing from the support of top-tier teams and cutting-edge tools.
Define the Problem
Data Collection and Preparation
Model Selection and Development 
Implementation and Integration
Testing and Evaluation
Deployment and Monitoring

AI Trainings & Workshops

Trustworthy AI is more than technology

Ensure that your people and teams has the necessary skills to deal with today’s digital word and give the necessary know-how to your internal critical functions
Legal Compliance
Risk Management
Incident Response


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