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AI Regulations & Standards

Navigate the regulatory complexity of your industry and achieve regulatory compliance with services that suit your company.

Data Protection & Compliance Services

Manage efficiently your data in line with applicable data protection and privacy requirements and discover solutions that allow you to leverage your data assets.

Governance & Strategy Consulting

Define your AI strategy to confidently achieve your business objectives. Adopt governance solutions that maximize the value potential of your organization.

Legal Services & Solutions

Draw from our extensive experience and industry specific know how to fulfill your legal needs such as contract drafting, negotiation, corporate structuring and legal due diligence.

AI Development & Implementation

Give from the outset the best chance of success to your AI project by leveraging the guidance of AI experts and drawing from the support of top-tier teams and cutting-edge tools.

AI Trainings & Workshops

Ensure that your people and teams have the necessary skills to deal with today’s digital word and give the necessary know-how to your internal critical functions.


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We have extensive knowledge of regulatory, technical and business aspects related to AI and emergent technologies.


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We support you in creating added value and developing capabilities within your company.

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AI in healthcare is already making a significant impact by supporting people in their daily lives, taking care of routine tasks, and advancing human knowledge, but it faces numerous challenges. We can play a critical role in finding solutions and minimizing the associated risks.


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With our deep expertise in technology, regulatory matters, and risk management, we provide valuable support for mastering the highly regulated nature of the financial sector and its increasing complexity and risks.


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The noticeable impact of AI on the legal profession cannot be ignored, and as a company, we empower our clients with relevant solutions to stay ahead of the curve.


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The retail and industrial sectors are driven to make extensive use of technology, but are facing increasing challenges arising from the growing use of AI. We provide relevant solutions to empower businesses to navigate these challenges and maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving environment.


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The challenges to developing AI-based solutions in the health and medical sectors are significant yet navigable with the right combination of expertise.

AI and legal considerations

The prospect of introducing AI in an organization raises many questions. Here the answers to some of them.

Partnership with Modulos AG

Modulos AG and AI LSC join forces to provide Trustworthy AI and Compliance services in line with upcoming AI regulations.