AI Regulations & Standards

Main issue

Regulatory complexity related to AI

The complexity of existing regulations can be difficult to interpret and apply to rapidly evolving AI technologies. Additionally, compliance with multiple regulations across different jurisdictions can be a significant challenge for companies operating globally. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in law and AI helps you navigate this complexity.
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Our services designed to provide comprehensive support for AI regulatory requirements.

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AI regulatory


Adherence with AI related regulations and standards

We check if your product, service or activity is impacted by AI regulations and help you to be in line with them in the most effective way.

We support you in choosing and obtaining relevant labels and certifications related to the use or offering of AI solutions.

Somes cases studies

Contract Management

The rapid evolution of the group required a transformation of its approach to contract management.

Legal semantic search

Developing a chatbot like search tool that allows to easily access large amounts of information accumulated.

AI ethical guidelines

The company has been developing its capabilities in AI and integrating it in its services. The need for a Code of Conduct (CoC) guiding its teams and clients in the adoption of AI soon emerged.


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