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Organizations are constantly solicited with new emerging issues and topics that have an important impact on their activity. In order to understand how these topics might concretely impact them requires time and knowledge that might not always be available.

Our experts will answer all important questions that you might have in an efficient and tailor-made workshop. Our workshops are designed to provide practical insight and know-how to the participants, identifying issues, possible solutions and the opportunity to formulate concrete plans of action.


Whether beginner or expert, our flexible structure can be built around the needs of the participants


Adapted to the changing needs of the industry or market and reflects the latest trends, technologies, and best practices


Provides participants with practical, hands-on experience that they can apply in real-world situations

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The EU AI act is nearing its adoption. Independently to this regulatory act, however, an abundant discussion on the ethical implications of adopting, developing and controlling artificial intelligence has been taking place. This workshop is aimed at organizations wishing to address general or specific ethical aspects of their activities in a concrete way that will help them shape their position in society.

In order to navigate ethical challenges with confidence, organizations must first establish a clear sense of their values. These values serve as a guiding light, helping teams, for example, determine whether to pursue a project or leverage specific data. By aligning actions with a set of guiding principles, organizations can pave the way toward a more ethical and inspiring future.


Identify ethical dilemmas

Draw on our experience to identify the main ethical dilemmas that your activity may arise and how these are addressed.

Identify organization’s values

Establish your core values that will serve as a guiding light for your teams..

Define your code of conduct

Defining your code of conduct is an essential step towards establishing a culture of integrity and ethical behavior within your organization.
On the 1st of September 2023 the new Swiss Data Protection Act will apply to all Swiss companies processing personal data. The law brings an alignment with GDPR and personal sanctions in case of specific violations. Drawing on our deep expertise, this workshop is aimed at giving you a clear idea of the concrete necessary actions required by the new law.


Learn what’s new

Get an overview of the new requirements and how they differ from GDPR.

Identify concrete actions

We provide you with concrete and effective actions tailored to your activity and size.

Explore opportunities

Despite increased requirements, the new regulation allows you to implement best practices and mitigates uncertainties around working with personal and sensitive data.

Understand the impact

The new law impacts each organization in a different way. Understand how it affects you.
The EU AI Act is nearing its adoption and will impact all organizations working with AI and machine learning. Learn the best practices and principles already emerged from the discussions that have been taking place. Discover the impact of these regulations in your activity and how to prepare for them.


Understand the EU AI Act

Get an overview of the new requirements and the AI regulatory landscape.

Map requirements to your structure

Identify which obligations apply to your services and products and how to align processes and organization

Identify opportunities

Identify opportunities to improve your AI solutions and gain a competitive advantage in the market

Discover solutions

Exploring strategies and tools to comply and finding solutions for potential challenges
Are you ready to take your organization’s Data & AI strategy to the next level? Look no further than our four-step process of building your Data & AI team. By identifying your knowledge requirements, determining make-or-buy points, transferring knowledge through the right training mix, and identifying the right talent, we’ll help you build a team that can turn your AI vision into a reality. With our expertise and guidance, you can transform your organization’s approach to data and AI and stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.


Identify knowledge requirements

While starting its AI journey, a company will have to assess its maturity in relation to digitalization as well as the resources necessary to reach its AI vision.

Identify make-or-buy points

Let’s assess if all the necessary talent is available internally or if there is a need to recruit specific profiles or provide additional training to employees.

Identify right talent

Identify the best internal and external talents to realize the AI initiative.

Transfer knowledge

Identify and devise the right mix of general training, individual education, and targeted coaching programs.


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