Discover AI


Discover AI with our step by step approach.

Our package assumes no prior knowledge of AI and aims to build an understanding from the ground up. As your organization grows in AI maturity, our services can be adapted to fit your needs.


"AI Exploration" Services


AI Discovery Workshop

This is an introduction designed to familiarize participants with AI, Machine Learning, and their potential impacts on businesses. Topics will include:

• Basic concepts of AI and Machine Learning
• Business use-cases of AI across various industries
• Ethics and considerations when using AI
• How to identify AI opportunities in your organization


AI Readiness Assessment

We will perform a detailed review of your business processes, IT infrastructure, data availability and quality. This will help us identify areas where AI could drive value in your organization and any potential challenges in implementing AI. The review includes:

• Understanding current business processes
• Assessing data availability, quality, and governance
• Evaluating existing IT infrastructure
• Identifying potential AI use-cases


AI Opportunities and Strategy Roadmap

Based on information provided or the readiness assessment, we will develop a tailored AI strategy and roadmap for your company. This will include:

• Prioritization of identified AI opportunities
• Recommended AI tools, platforms and technologies
• AI implementation roadmap
• Potential AI partner ecosystem


AI Pilot Project

We will propose one of the identified opportunities to run a pilot AI project. This will include the complete lifecycle of an AI project:

• Problem definition
• Data collection and preparation
• Model development and validation
• Model deployment
• Monitoring and maintenance


AI Training and Capacity Building

We believe in empowering your teams to work with AI. Hence we can provide:

• Customized AI training for employees at all levels
• Building an internal AI team
• Establishing processes for data management and AI model lifecycle

Experts talk

We could talk about Artificial Intelligence & the impact on your Business.