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Development of new contract management approach

The rapid evolution of the group required a transformation of its approach to contract management.

Client needs

New activities and the digital transformation of the organization exposed the need for a more flexible and efficient approach to contract management. The new approach helped leverage existing resources and create a roadmap to profit from new and available technologies.
The supported group was launched into a profound transformation following its digitization efforts. New teams were created, new services and markets launched and a new digital infrastructure was being developed. The legal team identified the need to adapt itself in order to best enable the transformation.

The old paradigm of centralized and siloed processes meant that information about risks and best practices could not flow efficiently within the organization and that roadblocks could emerge each time a matter was transferred to another team for the completion of the next step.

Technology and organization

Flexible and modular support

Contract management is a complex activity which is distinctive for each organization.

We identified existing internal technologies such as databases, forms and workflows that could be leveraged to organize available documents and information, automating simple repetitive tasks and facilitating the setup of cross-functional processes.

We developed a concept of support, training and monitoring activities to ensure the effortless adoption of these existing solutions and the maintenance of a high standard of information quality.

A roadmap for the implementation of AI supported solutions that would reduce the need of time consuming activities such as contract review, contract drafting and information extraction has been developed, allowing for the incremental reforming of the legal function without disrupting its daily activities.

Somes cases studies

Legal semantic search

Developing a chatbot like search tool that allows to easily access large amounts of information accumulated.

AI ethical guidelines

The company has been developing its capabilities in AI and integrating it in its services. The need for a Code of Conduct (CoC) guiding its teams and clients in the adoption of AI soon emerged.

Contract drafting and negotiation

Contract drafting and negotiation